Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How To Build Workshop

How To Build A ShedThis is a term that has went through many a mans thoughts. Every man I know either owns a workshop, hobby shop or wants one. This is a place for a man to collect his thoughts. To get away from all the hustle and bustle of the world . A place to relax and think about that special project they are going to start on some day. Yeah this is really a ambitious place.

For a workshop it is best to build a a very strong foundation, especially this being a place of possible rough service. The only real choice is to build it on concrete. Some do build on a wooden foundation, but for the extreme conditions of a workshop it is highly recommended to build on concrete at least 4 inches thick. GET YOURSELF OVER 16,000 BUILDING PLANS

If you are going to build on a wooden foundation the framing should be out of 2x6 on 16 inch centers. These 2x6 floor joists will be superior to 2x4 joists and will hold much more weight. Now for the flooring you would want to use 3/4in plywood, doubled. for a working work shop it will be much better to double the 3/4 flooring as to strengthen the floor considerably. Lay the first layer down parallel with the joists. Lay the next or top layer down the other direction this strengthens the floor also.

 The next step is to start the wall frames. Build the wall frames down on the newly built foundation. Build all four wall frames. Next build the roof trusses on the floor also. Next start the process of raising and connecting the wall frames. Stand the first one, the end one, up and attach a brace to hold the wall frame upright. Next attach the long one to the end frame. after all are up an leveled the next step will be to raise and attach the the roof trusses.

It is not my intention here at how to build a workshop, to try and explain every single move, But if you are using building plans it will explain all these steps other wise you can find all these individual steps online or you can use a manual called Build Your Own Shed Manual. Next you will want to frame in the door and window openings. Then dry it in by covering the frame with roofing paper and then wall in with T11 siding or hardy board

If you truly want to simplify the whole process get yourself a good set of building plans. This just makes the whole process so very simple. You will soon appreciate the plans when you start your shed project. If you try to build without them you will need many measurements, a materials list, figuring and planning, and so much more. With a set of plans everything is done for you, even a materials list. When you initially pick out your selection, the plan that you like, you have by default automatically made a lot of decisions and settled a lot of issues. For example the window and door placement. With a set of plans it just makes life a lot easier for your project, How to build a workshop 


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